It is our pleasure to invite you to support our 2024 FIT’NG Conference.

FIT’NG is a community of researchers specializing in neuroimaging during pre-birth and the first two years of postnatal life. Human brain development is a complex process. Advancing understanding of early neurodevelopmental processes, and the conditions which foster healthy versus maladaptive development, represents a critical means of addressing these challenges.

Based on past events, we expect 200-300 attendees from around the globe to join the FIT’NG Conference. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your organization, products and services and interact with people around the globe.

We would like to thank those of you who have partnered with the FIT’NG Workshops in the past and look forward to continuing our relationship.  We also welcome new organizations and are excited about creating a collaborative partnership with you.

Sponsor benefits

Sponsorship options allow you an opportunity to increase your company’s recognition, introduce your new products to the community, and differentiate your company from your competitors.

Face time with leading scientists

Connect with approximately 200 leading and emerging researchers from around the world this fall. The rapidly growing field of fetal, infant, & toddler neuroimaging demonstrates potential, with an increase from 160 to 530 publications per year during the 1990’s to 2021.

Premium branding & positioning opportunity

Reach your target audience and be recognized as a supporter of the conference and its aims. Set your product, service, and brand apart from your competitors – guaranteed visibility on printed materials, advertising, and promotions.


Please contact our Secretariat, Podium Conferences, for more information about the conference and the opportunities available to you.