Virtual Interactive Workshop

FIT’NG hosted a 10-day virtual workshop series covering basic and advanced methods in developmental EEG/ERP. This workshop provided a much-needed space for developmental EEG/ERP researchers (including advanced users/PIs, novice users, and total beginners) to come together to discuss issues in methodological and analytic techniques uniquely relevant to developmental data (especially from infants, toddlers, and preschool children). The workshop also showcased cutting edge approaches to using EEG/ERP data to address open questions in developmental research.

Session goals were:

* Introduce the basic principles of the featured methodological approach.
* Showcase the methodological approach via examples of current research in the invited speaker’s lab or relevant data.
* Identify current best practices in the application of the featured approach.
* Brainstorm approaches to determining best practices where they are currently lacking.


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Click to view the PDF schedule of our interactive event. Please note that the program may be subject to change.

Virtual Workshop Recording Disclaimer

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