Membership in FIT’NG is open to all scientists, principal investigators, postdocs, and students from around the world involved in the many research and practical aspects of early childhood neuroimaging research.

Membership Benefits

Discounted registration conferences and workshops

Submit an abstract to FIT’NG conferences

Access to FIT’NG Together educational content

Professional development and networking

Vote in Board/Society elections

Eligibility to run for a Board position

Eligibility for Awards

Membership Categories & Fees

(ending December 31, 2022)

$135/one year

Regular Membership applies to all individuals who are active investigators in early childhood neuroimaging research

Please note all fees are in US dollars

$95/one year

Postdoc Membership applies to all individuals who are currently postdoctoral fellows

Please note all fees are in US dollars

$65/one year

Student Membership applies to students enrolled in any full-time, degree-granting programs at an institution of higher learning.  Applicants must provide proof of student status at a degree-granting institution.

Please note all fees are in US dollars

How to Purchase Your Membership

FIT’NG membership is managed by Conference Manager, a membership management platform that is also used by related organizations such as Flux, the International Congress on Infant Studies (ICIS), the Cognitive Science Society and Cognitive Development Society (CDS).  Because of this shared system, you may already have an existing account.  Please review the instructions below carefully so as not to create duplicate user accounts

We accept the following cards for member dues payments:

Please note that the payment processor for FIT’NG is located in Canada and some credit card companies may consider it an international transaction

Option 1

You will already have a Conference Manager account, if, for example:

-You have attended or submitted an abstract to Flux
-You have a membership for ICIS and/or Flux

Please click the button below and login with your Conference Manager username and password.  If you have forgotten your username or password, please click the Forgot your password link to have it sent to you

Option 2

If you do not have a pre-existing account, please click the button below and create an account.  Please note that when setting up your Conference Manager account, your email address will automatically be set as your username. Please save your username and password as they will be required for submitting an abstract and registering for the conference.


If any of the above information is unclear, or you are having difficulties renewing/paying for your membership, please contact us to ensure your membership is processed accordingly.